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Asset Pursuit™ uses our proprietary Data Hawk™ judgment collection software to identify and locate the individual or corporate assets, including but not limited to; property interests, vehicles, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, stock certificates, wages, collectibles, tax receivables, inventory, and machinery.

A court-imposed money judgment is an official note stating that a debt is owed by law; however, the court is not responsible for actually collecting the money owed. While courts can award damages and demand that companies or individuals pay your outstanding debt collection judgment, they cannot compel the debtors to give you the money physically. If the debtor doesn’t pay, you resort to hiring an enforcement agency like Asset Pursuit™. We locate, seize, and recover your debt in conjunction with local sheriffs, police, city marshals, or town constables who are authorized to take the discovered and seized assets from the debtor to realize your enforcement of the judgment.

When enforcing a judgment, our attorneys, investigators, researchers, and analysts immediately conduct detailed and comprehensive asset investigations regarding your default judgment collection. We follow a contemporary approach to traditional practice by using advanced applied science, compliant legal techniques, and persistence.

Asset Pursuit™ is a registered collection agency with the New Your City Department of Consumer Affairs with a Better Business Bureau® A+ rating. We’re one of the leading judgment enforcement agencies in New York. Asset Pursuit™, is located in New York City in the distinguished Hippodrome Center at 1120 6th Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10036 - steps away from Bryant Park.

We work on a contingency basis, which means we only get paid when you do. There’s no consultation fees, no hidden court expenses, or hourly rates.

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