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  • Asset Pursuit™ & Platinum Judgment Recovery
    Platinum Judgment Recovery LLC recently merged with Asset Pursuit LLC. We're phasing out the name, 'Platinum Judgment Recovery' and combining the best resources of both companies. Combined, the two companies have created a leading force in the judgment recovery sector with vast experience, proprietary technology, and a dedicated staff.
  • How do I submit my judgment for enforcement?
    Click on this link and fill out the submission form. This is the most efficient way to start the judgment recovery process.
  • Are there upfront costs?
    Absolutely none. There are no hidden fees, and we don't get paid until you do. Nominal marshal and sheriff fees may apply.
  • Can I sign up without using the online form?
    Yes. You can click this link and print out the form. Then, you can send it to us in various ways. 1) Fax: (646) 496-9142 2) Mail: 1120 6th Avenue 4th fl, New York, NY 10036 3) Email:
  • Does Asset Pursuit™ only service New York?
    We service New York for now, but we'll be launching in Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, and several other states shortly.
  • Can you collect for me if I don't have a judgment?
    No. Asset Pursuit™ is an enforcement agency hired by the judgment creditor to collect from their debtor. We do not file the initial judgment with the courts.
  • Can I collect on my judgment myself?
    As you probably already know, if you win a judgment from the Court, it doesn’t mean that you’re handed a check. You will have to take complicated steps to find and collect the judgment awarded to you. This is where Asset Pursuit™ can help, by avoiding costly attorney fees and valuable time. Unless you're a lawyer, asset investigator, or have sophisticated skip-tracing technology, you will need the expertise of an agency like Asset Pursuit™ if you want to maximize your recovery.
  • Does Asset Pursuit™ have attorneys?
    Yes. Asset Pursuit™ has in-house attorneys on staff to drive the enforcement process and govern procedural compliance.
  • What if the defendant is deceased or bankrupt?
    Bankruptcy will discharge most judgments. If a Debtor files for bankruptcy during the collection proceedings, then all further collection efforts cease until the Debtor is released from Bankruptcy Court. However, Asset Pursuit™ can help determine if the debt will be paid or discharged by the Bankruptcy Court and, depending on the outcome, may still enforce the judgment on your behalf.
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